Devlog: Ruby Bits 1 & 2

Completed the RUBY BITS courses on CodeSchool. Again… I was impressed with the content, as a casual rubyist I got plenty out of doing this.

I really enjoyed this course, I took away a lot of useful idioms which I will put to good use (when I get the chance).

The meta-programming a DSL creation in RUBY BITS part 2 were great… adding methods to classes dynamically is pretty bad-ass for drying up code.

I always wanted default method implementation on interfaces in C#, dunno why I brought this up other than in Ruby that would never ever be an issue with the features you have at your disposal… very few languages lead to as much developer happiness.

Just one of those languages I would love to write everyday if I could. Moving onto Rails Testing for zombies course next…

…that said Elixir has hit v1.x and the Dave Thomas “Programming Elixir” book has been released, so that will most likely eat up the next month or two of my life.