.NET Open Sourced

Pretty cool that .NET got open sourced, even more cool is that it is MIT license with the Source Code on Github.

Also pretty funky that they are offering a fully featured version of Visual Studio for free and shipping supported Linux and OS X runtimes. Mono has give us this for a long time, but it is a nice that the gaps in Mono are going to be filled.

Lots of cool stuff coming in this area, such as the new Roslyn compiler (C# written in C# now not C++) which will open up some crazy compiler as a service meta-programming voodoo. Mono is a C# implementation of C# and has again been ahead of its time in this space, but Roslyn seems to be generating some crazy buzz around code introspection and IDE features.

Most interesting thing in .NET space for me though is not any of this but is simply the F# language, which itself is written in F#, and has been the most pioneering and exciting language in the .NET space for a number of years due to its ability to innovate a add new powerful features with relative ease.

I hope that C# and .NET keep pushing forward and we don’t see a Java-‘6-8’-esk stagnation period. Doesn’t look like it in week one anyway –> ‘One Week of Open Source’